Air purification is done by fogging and/or mounting an ultraviolet/ozone light at the source of the bacteria/mold spores and fungi, which is the evaporator coil of your heating and cooling unit. Each time heat or cool is called for, or if you just want to run the fan only, you sterilize the air in your home and kill airborne bacteria inside your duct system and all rooms in your home.  The ultraviolet/ozone bulbs create a sterile environment inside your heating and air conditioning ductwork.

Dandellion in the wind

The one or two ultraviolet/ozone bulbs emit a very small amount of ozone (activated oxygen) O3. You get two benefits from this, first, ultraviolet/ozone kills airborne bacteria at a 90% kill rate per pass.  As it kills airborne bacteria, mold spores and fungi nside your system, it flips from ozone to oxygen O2. Many doctors will tell you that cold germs and viruses are anaerobic. That means they thrive in low oxygen environments; raise the oxygen level and germs have a hard time living in oxygen rich environment. This system works 24 hours per day, same electrical usage as one 100-watt light bulb, which is an even wash with the money saved on having a clean evaporator coil. With the oxygen level raised inside your home to near outside percentages, some people claim to sleep better.

The second benefit is to install high efficiency (95.3%) electrostatic filters. They are the highest in efficiency and you purchase them once, they come with a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. You simply wash them once per month, drain and put them back in place. You will never buy another filter again. We suggest you try the filters first with the duct fogging, then the ultraviolet/ozone system if allergies still persist.

Ionic breezes and hepa filters placed in a room only collect the airborne contaminants that come from your heating and cooling system and ductwork, which is in my opinion, not satisfactory. Attacking bacteria and mold at its source is the only way to rid your entire home of this type of allergy "trigger", the mold spore. If you have allergies or stay sick a lot, we may be able to help by purifying the air you breathe and the water you drink.

 If you still have questions about air purification then please look through our Frequently Asked Questions page.

95% Efficient Electrostatic Filter

95% Efficient Electrostatic Filter

$125.00 (plus 7% sales tax)

We have 40 sizes in stock with custom sizes available.

Electrostatic filters have a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee. Maintenance is easy, once or twice per month you simply wash them clean, let them dry and put them back in place. They use no electricity.

What are the benefits of an electrostatic filter?

  • Washability. Constructed with up to three layers of washable filtration media. This media can be washed hundreds of times without diminishing the electrostatic qualities of the filter.
  • Permanent. Designed to last a lifetime. You should never have to replace it. All of the electrostatic air filters come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.
  • High Efficiency. They are extremely efficient, with ratings up to 95%. This means they filter 95% of the particles that pass through them. Compare that to the 15% - 30% that is achieved with typical disposable fiberglass filters.
  • Low Resistance. Resistance refers to how hard your HVAC system has to work to pull air through your filter. The lower the number, usually expressed as decimal such as .12, is more desirable. Our air filters produce resistance in the .08 to .15 range. This means that your HVAC system runs easier and can reduce electricity and repair bills.
  • Other Benefits. Electrostatic air filters are able to capture many of the allergens that aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Pollen, molds, and dust are common in any household and can be reduced by using an air filter. You'll breathe easier and have fewer symptoms while in your home.

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