Why do I need a water purification system, you may ask? Because there are no "water laws", only federal "guidelines" that your municipal, city, county or rural water systems may or may not meet. They can basically give you whatever they want to, and get away with it. The same goes for the bottled water industry. When I worked with Culligan Water I traveled extensively and found many cities that do not meet the "guidelines" set for drinking water, including purity (total dissolved solids) and disinfection/chlorination/ammonation procedures, for bacterial purposes.

Ah, but I drink bottled water you say. Although you have seen and heard the advertisements for bottled water and believe it to be purified, bottled water distributors are governed by the same "guidelines" as the city, municipality or rural supplier. They may or may not meet these guidelines. They can take tap water, remove the chlorine, do nothing for purity and then charge $1.69 per gallon (National average) and believe me, some do exactly that. Hint: If it doesn't say purified by reverse osmosis on the bottle, don't bother. If it says enhanced with minerals be wary because it doesn't say which minerals.  They do disinfect, but you are still drinking the dead bacteria.

Convenience is another factor in choosing a water purification system for your home versus bottled water.  With a home purification system, you enjoy purified water immediately, no worries about running out of water.  With bottled water you have the hassle of going to the grocery store to purchase, lugging home cases of bottles, storage of the bottles, and eventually disposal of the bottles.

Most rural systems "dump" slugs of chlorine into their systems periodically instead of injecting on a daily basis. As a result of this, you may have experienced powerful "whiffs" of what smells like swimming pool water in your drinking water at certain times of the month. This is bad. Chlorine and ammonia are both used for disinfection and are powerful oxidizers but are also known carcinogens (cancer causing). The safe drinking water "guidelines" call for approximately 1 part per million (ppm) or less of total chlorine and 3 ppm classified as not safe at all, plus you still drink all of that dead bacteria in the chlorinated water. If not chlorinated, we would all have dysentery or malaria, but this does not mean we have to drink or bathe in chlorine.

As you can see on the list below, reverse osmosis removes these contaminants and bacteria (dead or alive), at the rejection rates noted.

Membrane Rejection Characteristics

Ion                              % Rejection

Calcium                       93-98
Sodium                        92-98
Magnesium                  93-98
Potassium                    92-96
Manganese                  96-98
Iron                              96-98
Aluminum                     96-98
Copper                         96-98
Nickel                          96-98
Cadmium                      93-97
Silver                           93-96
Zinc                             96-98
Mercury                        94-97
Hardness (CA & MG)    93-97
Radioactivity               93-97
Chloride                      92-95
Ammonium                   80-90
Bromide                       90-95
Phosphate                   95-98
Chromate                     85-95
Syanide                       85-95
Sulfate                        96-98
Thiosulfate                  96-98
Silicate                       92-95
Nitrate                         90-95
Boron                          50-70
Borate                         30-50
Fluoride                      92-95
Polyphosphate           96-98
Orthophosphate          96-98
Lead                           95-98
Bacteria                      99.9

Unfortunately, to remove the bad minerals some of the good minerals must also be removed.  Mainly calcium and magnesium.  Here in the Jackson, MS area we have soft water, which is absent of calcium and magnesium.  Most doctors and nutritionists agree that we should get our good minerals from the food and supplements we take not from the water we drink.        

If you've got questions about water treatment then please look through our Frequently Asked Questions page

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

$525.00 (plus 7% sales tax) Includes installation in Mississippi

Reverse osmosis was first developed by the military for their submarines to desalinate seawater into drinking water. When the Navy was doing this it took a large room to house all of the necessary equipment to purify the water. Now, we can scale that system down to fit under your kitchen sink, bathroom lavatory, or bar, wherever you prefer.

Reverse osmosis filtration removes 98% of all dissolved solids (minerals) as well as volatile organic compounds and 99.9% of bacteria, whether it is dead or alive. This process, in many cases, leaves the water pure enough at this point, to dialyze kidney patients. It is now the preferred method of some bottled water manufacturers to filter their water, the only problem is that once purified, they blend dirty water with the pure and call it enhanced with minerals. It doesn't list on the bottle which minerals are good or bad, so be wary.

Reverse osmosis system diagram p>Our reverse osmosis system can filter up to 50 gallons per day. The system includes a kitchen sink faucet connection kit as well as connection to refrigerator cold water dispenser and ice maker. Designer faucets are available in various colors, faucet heights, and reaches.

  • Stage 1: 5M Sediment Filter in a clear housing.
  • Stage 2: T-33 GAC (granular activated carbon) Cartridge in white filter housing.
  • Stage 3: Carbon Block Cartridge in a white housing.
  • Stage 4: 50 GPD (gallons per day) TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane element in white membrane housing.
  • Stage 5: In-line carbon polish filter for taste & odor.

Annual service call/disinfection/filter changes are $90.00 plus sales tax for customers in the Hinds, Madison and Rankin County area. An additional trip fee is added for customers outside this area. This does not include the reverse osmosis membrane replacement, as a membrane usually lasts 4 to 7 years; the cost for replacement is $65.00 plus 7% sales tax for Mississippi customers.

To order your 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, contact us today!