"My property has two wells, one drilled in the 350-foot range and the other one at the 1150-foot range, in the same aquafer, each with totally different water chemistry. One well tested positive for hydrogen sulfide (sulphur) along with iron exceeding 10 ppm and hardness (calcium/magnesium) exceeding 25 grains per gallon (428 ppm). To give you an idea of how bad that is, the sulphur smells like rotten eggs, at .5 ppm (one half of 1 PPM) the iron turns white clothes red, blonde hair to "strawberry blonde" and stains all white porcelain fixtures red. At 3-5 gpg of hardness, it becomes almost impossible to make "suds" with soap and starts to leave heavy lime scale (hardness mineral) build up on all fixtures, and will destroy a hot water heater to a half life.

The other well (in the same aquafer) tested positive for sulphur, only a trace of iron (less than .5 ppm), no hardness but had a dark brown (organic) color.

The water treatment companies I had used over a ten-year period kept trying various methods without success. I would spend a lot of money and the water would only get a little better, but never to my satisfaction.

I called Roger Anderson with Anderson Water & Air Purification and talked with him about my water problems. He explained to me that the methods previously tried were simply ineffective and that we needed a far more powerful oxidation system coupled with water softening (for hardness/iron removal), floculation (for color) and ozone injection with off gassing for the sulphur smell, iron and sulphur bacteria removal.

He worked with me in stages so we could do it cost effectively and even converted some of the equipment I had purchased from the other water treatment companies into a floculation system, which saved me a lot of money. He has superceded my expectations. We now have water without the rotten egg smell, zero iron, less than 1 gpg (17.1 ppm) of hardness and for the first time in ten years, clear water at the main system! My wife loves the no ring in the tub and toilets and so do I.

Roger is very knowledgeable about water purification, sterilization, and is also a licensed HVAC (heating, ventiliation and air conditioning) technician, and works on my HVAC needs. He is also dependable. When I decided to treat the second well, he promised me to have it installed by a certain date for a party I was having and he worked on the installation until 2:00 am and finished as promised.

I highly recommend Anderson Water & Air Purification, LLC. to everyone.
Tom Rhoden, Attorney
Rhoden, Lacy & Colbert
Flowood, MS
"When my husband had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, we became much more aware of the importance of pure water. Roger put a reverse osmosis system in our home. The water tastes better and the peace of mind it provides is invaluable. As for service.... Roger and Louise have become like family to us. What more can you say than being treated like family! Love ya'll!"
Dr. Jan Belote
Crossgates Dental Care
Brandon, MS
"Thank you so much for the service you provide through your water purification system. We really enjoy the system. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed it so much at home we had you install a system in Joe's office - Parker, Gentry & Parker, Inc., and a system in our cabin. There is no telling how much we have saved by no longer buying bottled water. We feel so safe drinking water from your filter system - even the coffee tastes better!"
Joe & Rita Parker
Jackson, Mississippi
"Thank you so much for the great service you provided me during my stay here in Jackson, Mississippi. The reverse osmosis system you installed makes the best drinking water; I love the pure ice and I have never run low on supply. I feel safe and confident knowing my tap water has been purified and sterilized - dead microbes are okay, however, NO microbes is my preference!

I won't forget how you repaired my air conditioning system and disinfected it for me on the day I moved in. My sinus symptoms were dramatically reduced. I hope to find someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as you in Dallas, Texas. It has been a pleasure working with someone I would feel comfortable handing a key to my home.
Gwen Shipe, M.D
Jackson, MS & Dallas, TX