Water Research

water research

In the past 23 years I have learned that when it comes to drinking water purification, one thing stands out above the rest and that is reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis was first developed by the military for their submarines to desalinate seawater into drinking water. When the Navy was doing this it took a large room to house all of the necessary equipment to purify the water. Now, we can scale that system down to fit under your kitchen sink, bathroom lavatory, or bar, wherever you prefer.

Reverse osmosis removes 98% of all dissolved solids (minerals) as well as volatile organic compounds and 99.9% of bacteria, whether it is dead or alive. This process, in many cases, leaves the water pure enough at this point, to dialyze kidney patients. It is now the preferred method of some bottled water manufacturers to purify their water, the only problem is that once purified, they blend dirty water with the pure and call it enhanced with minerals. It doesn' list on the bottle which minerals are good or bad, so be wary.